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About Us

Wolseley Waterworks is a national distributor of pipe, valves, hydrants, geosynthetics, fittings and flanges, and is recognized as an industry leader in providing water and wastewater treatment products and services to the municipal and heavy construction sectors. Wolseley Waterworks provides the service and solutions that will help our customers deliver their projects on time and on budget. With 24/7 after-hour services, you can count on our team to go the extra mile to provide solutions and to source products for your complex projects.

We’re the go-to specialists in times of need

Whether a routine job or unexpected crisis. We specialize in large, deadline-driven projects, with demonstrated expertise in storm water and grey water management.

We’re close by

From British Columbia to Newfoundland, Coast to Coast, Wolseley operates more than 30 conveniently located branches across Canada - each one equipped to meet the most demanding schedules and deadlines.

Fast quotation turnaround

We offer the best response time in providing quotations and delivering top quality materials direct to your warehouse or jobsite. We can also have your order waiting for you to pickup. It’s your choice!

We take pride in our customer service

Our responsive customer service team is available 24/7 to leverage the strength of a reliable national network. We’ve built our business through the quality of our people – the excellent service they provide, and the strong relationships we’ve developed with vendors, customers and colleagues all across Canada.

Waterworks Associations

Wolseley is proud to be an active member in these Associations

Western Canada
Western Canada Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (WCR&HCA)
Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (AR&HCA)
Saskatchewan Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (SR&HCA)
Manitoba Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (MR&HCA)
Alberta Water & Wastewater Operators Association (AWWOA)
Manitoba Water & Wastewater Operators Association (MWWOA)
Saskatchewan Water & Wastewater Operators Association (SWWOA)
British Colombia Water & Wastewater Operators Association (BCWWOA)
Public Works Association of British Columbia (PWABC)
British Columbia Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association (BCRHCA)

Ontario Waterworks Association (OWWA)
Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA)
Ontario Waterworks Equipment Association (OWE)
Heavy Construction Association of Windsor (HCAW)
Ontario Drainage Supervisor’s Association (ODSAO) incl local affiliated Chapters
Ontario Concrete Precasters Association (CPA)
National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)

L’Institut canadien de plomerie et de chauffage (ICPC)
Association des entrepreneurs en infrastructuredu Quebec (AQEI)
Association Des Entrepreneurs en Grands travaux du Quebec (ACRGTQ)
(Professionnels en outillage municipal } - Reseau Environnement (POM)

Maritime Provinces Water & Wastewater Association (MPWWA)
Nova Scotia Road Builders Association (NSRBA)
New Brunswick Road Builders Association (NBRBA)
Newfoundland Road Builders Association (NRBA)
Nova Scotia Construction Association (NSCA)
New Brunswick Construction Association (NBCA)
Newfoundland Construction Association (NCA)
Atlantic Canada Waterworks Association (ACWWA)
Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA)
New Brunswick Association of Onsite Wastewater Professionals (NBAOPWP)