Case Study
Cardinal Creek Village. Orléans, Ontario. Timeframe: 2014-2015. Contract: Private Developer - Taggart Group of Companies

Cardinal Creek Village


Cardinal Creek Village is a new, 2000-unit community of single, attached and bungalow-style homes in Orléans, a suburb of Ottawa. Taggart Construction contracted Wolseley Waterworks to provide 2,800 metres of main water line.


The original requisition called for 16-inch DR18 pipe, however the Wolseley team recognized an opportunity to introduce IPEX Inc.’s new Bionax 16-inch PVCO pipe. Made from biaxially-oriented PVC material, Bionax is almost twice as strong as conventional PVC and offers three times the impact absorption capability. It is specially designed for water mains and sewage force mains.

Up to this point, the City of Ottawa had only approved Bionax pipe ranging from four to 12 inches, for water main systems construction. The city, project engineers and the client agreed to a 1,000-metre trial run using the new 16-inch Bionax pipe. The test proved so successful that Ottawa now lists Bionax 16-inch PVCO pipe on its approved list.


“It was the first time that the 16-inch Bionax product was used in Canada. The nice thing is that we had the jump on it, and we were able to save our customer money by using Bionax over DR18 on this project. Now that it’s approved for use, we will be able to offer IPEX’s large-diameter Bionax pipe to new customers going forward. It’s a win-win. We like to innovate and we’re always looking for savings for our customer.”
– Gokan Sencan, Regional Manager, Eastern Ontario, Wolseley Waterworks